CGSA 2500SS Fertiliser Spreader Stainless Steel


The Donder 2500 Fertiliser Spreader is a mid capacity machine designed to spread various granulated fertilisers that strikes a balance between machine capacity and horsepower requirements.

Required Horsepower
Minimum: 130 hp

Spreader Capacities
Urea: 1700 kg
Single Super: 2350 kg

Capable of spreading as low as 2kg/ha of Slug Bait (Metarex) @ 24m wide and 14km/h or up to 325kg/ha of Urea @ 30m wide at 14km/hr

$17,000 ex. GST
$18,700 inc. GST


Simple to operate but fully featured. With strong components, proven reliability and versatile use.

The Donder 2500 Fertiliser Spreader does not comprise on safety or quality.

Easy to use and maintain with a full Australia wide spare parts and support team. Donder Spreaders from OzValue AG Australia deliver ongoing performance year after year.

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All prices ex. GST


  • 1500L Capacity 
  • 2500L Capacity 
  • 3000L Capacity 
  • 4000L Capacity 


  • 1500L Capacity $11,000+GST
  • 2500L Capacity $13,000+GST
  • 3000L Capacity $14,000+GST
  • 4000L Capacity $16,000+GST

Stainless Steel

  • 1500L Capacity $15,000+GST
  • 2500L Capacity $17,000+GST
  • 3000L Capacity $18,000+GST
  • 4000L Capacity $21,000+GST

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, of course, like anything new it’s important to take the time to understand how the machine works and how to calibrate it.

Once you understand the machine generally a full manual calibration for a given product will take 10 minutes.


Adjustable working widths

Donder’s stainless steel spinners are fitted with adjustable vanes, by moving the position of these vanes along the scale we can adjust the desired spread width per product to ensure an even and accurate spread pattern.

Standard - Easy rate adjustment

Rate adjustment requires no tools. Simply unlock the handle and slide the gate to the desired position.

Donder Spreaders come standard as a manual set system. This means you determine the desired rate, spread width & Speed.

Provided you maintain your speed and working width your rate will be accurate.


Looking for something more advanced we exclusively use ARAG Rate Control Systems these areas capable of

Rate Control – Set rate and electric actuators adjust flow to match speed.

Set the desired Rate on your screen and let the electric actuators open and close to match the flow to your ground speed. So you can spread at a varying range of speeds.

VRA Variable Rate Applications – Prescription maps are loaded into the system to set different rates across a paddock.

Accurate metering at low rates

The metering orifice is designed so that the first section is able to accurately meter low rates of seed (1 – 10kg/ha) & bait whilst once past the neck of the hole the rate can be increased to allow high rates of granulated fertiliser.

Stainless Steel Metering Unit

The metering system components including:

+  Agitator
+  Metering Slides
+  Hydraulic Slides
+  Spinners
+  Spinner Shrouds

are all made from stainless steel to improve the longevity of  these machine components and to maintain accuracy over the life of your Donder Spreader.

Folding Tarp & Mudguards Standard

Some things should just be standard. So Donder Spreaders include components such as protective tarpaulin cover and mudguards ready for whatever conditions you throw at it.


Donder Spreaders are fitted with a two-slide mechanism. One slide covers a portion of the opening to set your rate.

The Second Slide is connected to a double acting hydraulic cylinder which is operated in cab. This allows or cuts flow of material onto the spinners.



2500 mm

1600 mm

1300 mm

480 kg

2350 lt

130 hp

Hydraulic Drive Kits

Purchase with your Spreader and SAVE!

User Manuals & Downloads

Download the latest operational manuals and documents for this machine.

Donder CGSA Manual & Spare Part List


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