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Over 1000 Satisfied Australian Customers.

Our latest addition to the Donder range of Spreaders in Australia.

A simple to operate machine with all the features, more capacity and the technology needed in today’s conditions. And all at a fraction of the price of many competitors and without any comprising on quality or safety. Over 2000 Satisfied Australian Farmers can't be wrong.

The Donder CGSA Trailing Spreader is not just about saving money. It's also about efficiency, applying fertilisers as evenly and precisely as possible with the ability to adjust your spreading widths infinitely from 10-36 metres. Plus the Donder Trailing Spreader is versatile enough to suit many types of different farming practices.

“Over 1000 Australian farmers can’t be wrong”



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6000L Wagon Trailing Fertiliser Spreader

The Donder Wagon or Trailing Spreader is farm machinery manufactured by Donder in compliance with strict European standards and is well suited to Australian conditions.  The wagon’s most appropriate areas of use are seed drilling and fertiliser spreading and is also capable of spreading mineral fertiliser in granule or powder form; as well as salt; sand and pallet poultry manure.

$39,000 ex. GST
$42,900 inc. GST

$39,000 ex. GST
$42,900 inc. GST

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Farm Machinery.
Designed for the Australian Farmer.

Being working farmers ourselves, we fully understand what’s required from modern farming machinery.

We know more than ever farming in Australia has become highly dependent on farm machinery costs and reliability. This is why at Oz AG we’re committed to bringing Australian farmers well priced, quality machines and equipment. Our team continues to design and source suitable machinery from quality manufacturers around the world and then sell direct to the farmer, eliminating importers and distributors and their added costs.

Simply, Oz AG is committed to bringing the farmers of Australia farm machinery with all the sizes, features, quality, and service that you used to get from those old farm machinery brands... but for less money.

Plus we actively trial and test our farm machines in the field and where required improve them to suit unique Australian conditions. Above and beyond our engineering knowledge we enjoy a deeper understanding of exactly what you're looking for in your farm machinery.

Because we're farmers too.