Rolmako TurboCut Cultivator 4m


The TurboCut is an innovative machine revolutionising land cultivation by mounting a cutting knife roller on the tractor’s front three-point linkage. It combines two cutting shafts with straight or optional spiral knives, catering to ultra-shallow soil cultivation. Operating at speeds of 15-20 km/h, it effectively grinds crop residues, combats pests, and can be paired with rear-mounted implements. With safety features, replaceable hardened boron steel knives, and a closed roller tube to prevent soil compaction, TurboCut maximises efficiency at a depth not exceeding 3 cm, offering a cost-effective solution for farmers and service companies aiming to optimise stubble treatment and reduce field passes.


Combination of tillage tools for perfect tillage

More and more farmers and service companies are introducing cutter rollers on the front three-point linkage of the tractor. These are well-thought-out and constantly improved structures that improve land cultivation without additional expenditure. In order to create optimal stubble treatment and reduce the number of passes in the field before this procedure, it is economically justified to support the operation of the working sections of stubble cultivators and disc harrows by mounting a cutting knife roller on the front three-point linkage of the tractor. The knife roller perfectly fits into the ultra-shallow soil cultivation concept. TurboCut is a machine available in two variants. The first is two cutting shafts with straight knives mounted at an angle, which can be replaced with spiral cutting knives. The second TurboCut Plus variant is a solid machine that can combine a cutter shaft and wavy cutting discs. The TurboCut knife shaft is designed for intensive grinding of corn and rapeseed crop residues as well as the green matter of cover crops. It is also a very good tool for combating corn borer larvae feeding in corn stalks. The TurboCut shaft can operate at a speed of 5-20 km/h, and the recommended operating speed is above 12 km/h. TurboCut can be aggregated with other machines that, working alone, would not be able to cope with working on unmulched stubble on their own.


Combination of tillage tools for perfect tillage

Standard straight knives mounted at an angle can be replaced with optional spiral cutting units. Their oblique arrangement ensures perfect distribution of the cutting force and, consequently, uniform work results. The shaft knives are arranged at the opposite angle, which allows for a cross-cutting effect. The shaft geometry creates working elements arranged along six spiral lines. This arrangement allows field work to be performed at high working speeds. The outer diameter of the spiral shaft is 320 mm and allows the rotation speed of the shaft to be increased compared to previous solutions. This has a positive effect on the level of fragmentation of plant residues after the working pass. It influences the precise cutting of crop residues and combats the European corn borer. In the TurboCut Plus version, instead of one row of cutting shaft, a row of discs with a diameter of 410 mm is used, cutting vertically and additionally having a hydraulic adjustment of the working beam. Connecting the machine to the front of the tractor has a positive effect on traction and allows for additional use. Thanks to the double-sided three-point hitch system, the TurboCut cutter roller will work very well in the field as a solo device, as well as in combination with other tillage machines mounted on the tractor’s rear lift. The TurboCut knife roller at the front and a disc harrow or stubble cultivator working at the rear of the tractor are a perfect combination and are a recommended set of cultivating units for stands after corn, sunflower or rapeseed. Replaceable knives made of 8 mm thick hardened boron steel are highly durable.

Work productivity

Every farm strives to minimise the use of fuel and labor resources and avoid wasting valuable time on daily work. These goals are achieved by the TurboCut device. Sowing with the support of a disc harrow can be carried out immediately after stubble cultivation, which reduces the number of work operations in the field. The device also promotes higher operating speeds and lower power requirements. TurboCut is characterised by much lower energy consumption than a mulcher, no need for PTO drive, longer operating intervals thanks to maintenance-free bearings and independent mounting of working elements. This provides ideal protection against erosion and rapid degradation of crop residues.

Double tower of three-point suspension system

The massive suspension system serves as a supporting element for the TurboCut cutter shaft. The solid tower of the three-point suspension system makes the machine durable and resistant to loads. The double tower allows you to work at the front of the tractor or at the rear like classic tillage tools.

Ultra-shallow cultivation

The challenges posed to farmers by the changing climate combined with the new guidelines of the EU Common Agricultural Policy mean that tools for ultra-shallow cultivation are becoming more and more popular in Poland. Rolmako is adapting to the new conditions by presenting a whole range of this type of soil cultivation machines. Every unwanted plant in the field is a loss of valuable water, which is worth its weight in gold in dry seasons. At a time when crops are increasingly suffering from drought, we cannot afford to let the plantations become infested with weeds. Weeds and self-seeding plants constitute serious competition not only for water, but also for light, space and nutrients. Their reduction should therefore be our goal from the moment of harvesting the forecrop. If we do not encourage weeds to germinate early enough, they will pose a serious problem in the canopy of the succeeding plant. When using the TurboCut roller, rapeseed and weed seeds germinate quickly because they are placed shallowly in the soil. Germinating seeds of self-seeding and weeds can be destroyed in another mechanical treatment. This procedure is a return to known and proven methods. It leads to a reduction in the consumption of chemical plant protection products and to the large-scale use of integrated protection methods. Machines for ultra-shallow cultivation are becoming very popular among farmers, and not only those who work in their fields using no-plow technology.

Oversized structures

Rolmako tillage machines stand out from the competition due to their higher dead weight. The company’s staff responsible for development builds agricultural equipment with the most difficult working conditions in mind. Rolmako machines effectively cultivate land in the most demanding regions of the world, without the need to add additional weight. The amount of steel used in the construction of the machine makes it a massive tillage tool, allowing the use of the high power of modern agricultural tractors and being an investment for many years of operation on the farm.

Steel that gives you a competitive advantage

Increasingly larger and more powerful agricultural tractors subject the structural elements of tillage machines to greater and greater stress, reaching the limits of their capabilities. Modern agricultural structures are expected to have high load resistance and extended service life. Obtaining a high-quality final product is only possible by participating in the production of high-quality steel, which is why in the production of our tillage machines we use high-quality Swedish fine-grained steels S500MC and S700MC, carbon and boron steels for heat treatment, and Hardox wear-resistant steels. The use of quality metallurgical products makes our products highly durable agricultural equipment capable of operating at high operating speeds with high surface efficiency.

Configurations options: Blades or Discs

Extensive export experience has allowed us to build an offer tailored to the customer’s expectations. A large number of configurations and accessories for agricultural machines allow you to adapt the device to the field conditions in which it will work. Many years of work by Rolmako employees on improving the company’s products allows us to deliver the highest quality products to the most remote regions of the world, where they have proven their usefulness in various soil systems.

TurboCut concepts

  • ultra-shallow soil cultivation
  • machines hydraulically folded for transport
  • improved cultivation results
  • reducing the number of field passes
  • high efficiency and quality of work
  • stable, efficient operation without vibrations
  • cross cutting of shafts working in tandem
  • high throughput of the machine
  • double-sided suspension system
  • interruption of evaporation
  • knives made of hardened steel
  • adding weight to the front axle of the tractor and improving the tractor’s steerability
  • reducing the costs of soil processing

High catch crops, self-seeding and stubble destroyed at low costs

Passive tools allow you to effectively improve the effects of work passes in the field. Using the machine at the front of the tractor instead of front axle weights results in better crop yields. Safety is the basis, which is why each knife is mounted with 4 screws. The standard equipment includes a shaft cover made of sheet metal. Solid knife mounts are welded to a thick-walled 178 mm x 10 mm pipe. Replaceable knives are made of hardened 8 mm thick boron steel, which is very durable. The working elements in the machine are mounted on a closed roller tube, so wet and moist soil cannot compact inside. A special torsion mechanism built into the upper suspension system protects the tractor and the machine against excessive load. Machines mounted on the tractor’s front three-point linkage are a perfect solution to the high costs of tillage work by performing additional work within one tractor pass. The knife shaft achieves the intended effects at a depth not exceeding 3 cm, making it a very economical device.





120-180 hp

4 m

3 cm

15-20 km/h

2490 kg


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