Unverferth UM2070 Dual Auger Front-Folding Grain Cart


Unverferth has added the UM 2070 to its grain cart lineup. Designed to cater to the needs of modern-day crop farmers, this high-volume grain cart comes with a host of features that prioritise speed, convenience, and durability.

The UM 2070 grain cart boasts an industry-leading unloading speed of up to 1,000-bushels per minute, which makes it a perfect solution for farmers who want to move their grain efficiently from the combine to the semi. The pistol-grip remote-control auger operation that comes as a standard feature allows farmers to fill each compartment of the semi quickly and easily, saving both time and effort.

It also offers a high-volume capacity, which is crucial for farmers who work on large-acreage crops. With this grain cart, farmers can rapidly unload their grain, get the cart back to the combine, and continue with their work without any downtime.

Additionally, the UM 2070 grain cart helps reduce wear and tear on the operator and the tractor’s drivetrain, thanks to its one-stop convenience design.

For all farmers searching for a reliable and efficient grain cart that delivers on its promises, the UM 2070 is a perfect choice.

$275,000 ex. GST
$302,500 inc. GST
*Dual Wheel Price Only, Tracks Price - POA

Dual Auger Harvesting Power.

This series of grain carts feature a pivoting vertical auger for unloading flexibility and a rubber-cushioned tongue suspension for a smoother ride. Get exceptional unloading speed and a lower profile design from a combination of horizontal and vertical augers, plus a variety of innovative features that simplify your hands-on tasks to let you focus on the bigger picture.

Combine the versatile pivoting unloading auger with a 24”-diameter floor auger for a drivetrain capable of unloading up to 27.7 tonne per minute (1000 Bushels), depending on model. Couple fast unloading speed with a low-profile design for easier filling, and you are equipped with grain handling efficiency second to none.

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Unload Speed

The UM2070 unloads at a rate of 27.7T per minute (1000 Bushels) which means you will be unloaded in around 2 minutes. This is achieved by Unverferth’s computer balanced auger system and custom designed gearbox system.

520 Scale System

UM Chaser Bins feature a Digistar (Topcon) Scale System, this is highly accurate and counts up and down so that you can easily manage your truck loads during harvest

Auto-log & start/stop button and large multi-line display with keyboard for editing fields. Combine check button can help calibrate combine’s yield monitor, accumulation of weights per field entry, and store 1 year’s worth of harvest data.

Pivoting Spout

As we all know getting in the perfect spot when loading a truck of a field in at harvest is not easy, the Unverferth 2070 chaser bins are fitted with a hydraulic controlled pivoting/swivelling spout to give you a greater range of motion to achieve maximum results when unloading.

Pivoting Auger

The unloading auger pivots to provide more than five feet of hydraulically controlled height adjustment. Place your grain exactly where you want it between 10’ 5” and 16’ 6” vertically and up to 8’ 11” away from the cart.

This option is only available on the 2070 model.

Who are Unverferth?

Unverferth are the largest manufacturer of grain carts (chaser bins in the US). They operate out of 3 manufacturing facilities and are a family owned and operated company. Unverferth grain carts are the bestselling and most highly regarded Grain Carts/Chaser Bins in the US selling under four brands Unverferth MFG, Parker, Killbros & Brent.

Powerful Drivetrain Design

Drivetrain features P.T.O. with cut-out clutch powering a 90-degree gearbox for the vertical auger and dual belt-driven horizontal auger for worry-free use.

Rubber-Cushioned Tongue

Rubber-cushioned suspension between tongue and chassis ensures an always-smooth ride

Pistol-Grip Joystick Remote

Controls the auger fold/unfold, auger pivot up/down, flow gate open/close, downspout left/right and downspout in/out. The joystick can be placed anywhere in the tractor cab for ease of use when unloading into a trailer.

Easy Cleanout

Completely empty your cart for cleanout between crops with an easy-opening vertical auger cleanout door and hinged horizontal auger cleanout with single-point opening and over-center locking.

Soft-Start Auger Mechanism

Patented self-aligning, rubber-cushioned starting mechanism that smoothly engages and transfers power to the upper vertical auger, while optimising unloading speed and reducing wear to the drivetrain.



70 m3

27.7 T/min. (1000 Bushels)

~2 min.

5.03 m


4.24 m

3.80 m

11.56 m

15,605 kg

Dual or Tracks

Dual Wheels vs Tracks


Self-steering tandems

  • All four wheels automatically turn in unison with the tractor for enhanced maneuverability.
  • The oscillating tandems keep all four wheels on the ground to keep the weight spread out evenly for increased flotation.
  • Patented Para-Link independent suspension from front-to-rear ensures ideal cart control.
  • For easy backing and tight turns, the hydraulic override can be actuated by the operator and incudes incremental gauge for determining wheel direction. This system requires 1 additional SCV hydraulic remote on the tractor.
  • The cylinder has 12” of travel. The home spot for the cylinder is approximately 6” so this allows both 6” up and down of travel.
  • The Max angle of turning that the dual wheels offer is 15 degrees.
  • When in auto mode, the steering system is free floating meaning; the wheels and tire steering linkage follows the direction of the tractor, and that the hydraulic system allows flow between the cylinders which helps ensure a smooth ride.


Inc. GST


Equalizer® Tracks

  • Tracks equalize to follow altering terrain – each track independently cambers to follow ground contours for optimum flotation and minimum compaction
  • Patent-pending pivot allowing bi-directional rotation of the track for better contact with the ground on uneven terrain
  • 42"– widest in the industry with a compact length for enhanced manoeuvrability and greater flotation
  • 40" main idler wheels with 10-bolt hubs for added durability
  • Cast pivoting mid-rollers on each track assembly are on the same plane as the main idler wheels for optimum flotation
  • Hydraulic belt tensioning adjustment for easier track alignment, optimum ground contact and even weight distribution
  • All hubs are greaseable and feature triple-lip seals with a steel seal guard for optimum lubrication

Pricing on Application

Special Order Leadtime Applies


ISOBUS grain cart scale and data management system

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The UHarvest Pro grain cart scale system is your complete scale and harvest data solution. By utilising ISOBUS technology, the user can operate the UHarvest Pro grain cart scale system on the virtual terminal screen in the tractor, eliminating the need for extra monitors and spare batteries in the cab. Simply plug into the ISOBUS connection on the tractor and you’re ready to go! With a free subscription to Slingshot reporting, you have a complete harvest data management solution that seamlessly integrates with most crop insurance requirements. Need to send your data to the Slingshot cloud? Simply connect your mobile device with a cellular data plan to the Bluetooth signal and open the free mobile App to make it happen!

Harvest Data Made Easy!


Optional on all Unverferth 830, 1138 & 2070 models

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Maximise the efficiency of working with your Donder Spreader. Download the latest operational manuals and downloads here.

Unverferth Grain Carts Data Sheet


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