Flatout Tri-Plex 42′ Folding Land Roller TP-4216


The Flatout Tri-Plex Land Roller combines a heavy weight steel barrel and a strong RHS frame, making it robust and heavy enough for multiple applications.

Whether you are trying to decrease your downtime when cutting hay or increasing your efficiency of your header when harvesting lentils, chickpeas or any other ground level crops the Flatout Tri-Plex Land Roller can help you achieve this at a fraction of the cost of many competitors.

$81,500 ex. GST
$89,650 inc. GST

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Minimise Downtime

Rolling reduces clods and pushes small rocks into the soil, thus enabling you to get your cutterbar closer to the ground without the fear of breaking knives, knive guards, mower blades and gearboxes. It reduces the risk of picking up a rock and putting it through the feederhouse & rotor of your header. By rolling you are reducing the chance of expensive and time consuming break downs.


Before Land Rolling


After Land Rolling


Harvest More

Whether it be hay or harvesting crop, we know that in farming when you grow a crop there is a lot of decisions to be made, a lot of money to be spent and a lot of time looking at the sky. You spray in the summer to conserve moisture, you spray before sowing, then you sow, anxiously wait for it to germinate and come out of the soil. You spray again to keep on top of the weeds and give your crop the best chance to use all the available nutrients and moisture. You spread to increase yield. You constantly check for pests and disease, you wait for the rains and at the end of the year you are ready to cut or harvest.

Throughout the whole process you are doing everything you can to maximise yield.

The Flatout Roller allows you to get lower to the ground to ensure that every lentil or chickpea is harvested. We know having to raise your cutterbar or mower in hay can mean the difference between a good year and a great year.

You've spent the time growing it - you should reap the rewards.

HEAVY IN Features

Drum Size & Thickness

All Flatout Land Rollers are designed with a 1050mm diameter barrel rolled in 16mm thick plate steel.

Machine Weight Comparisons

Brand Working Width Barrel Thickness Weight
Mandako42 ft5/8" (15.875 mm)9,297 kg
Riteway MFG42 ft5/8" (15.875 mm)10,768 kg
Degelman LRX41 ft0.6" (15.24 mm)11,085 kg
Degelman Tri Plex45 ft12 mm7589.96 kg
Summers MFG41 ft9/16" (14.28 mm)11,240 kg
Flatout Tri-Plex42 ft16 mm10,690 kg

Sources: Mandako (16-09-2019), Riteway MFG (16-09-2019), Degelman, Summers MFG

Model Left Wing Right Wing Center Drawbar Total
TP4216 3,450 3,450 3,510 280 10,690
TP5216 4,042 4,042 3,550 280 11,914
Model TP4216 TP5216
Left Wing 3,450 4,042
Right Wing 3,450 4,042
Center 3,510 3,550
Drawbar 280 280
Total 10,690 11,914 kg

*All weights are in kilograms

Flatout Tri-Plex Land Roller

Removable Axles in Barrels

The barrel Axles have been designed to be supported by an inner & outer bush, the outer bush holds the shaft snug using a power ring.

In the rear bush a High Tensile Bolt is used to stop lateral movement of the shaft and hold it in position.

The Shaft is 75mm diameter and 450mm long. In the case where the shaft is damaged the shaft can be easily replaced by removing the cover plates, torque ring and rear keeper bolt. This has been designed to minimize down time and the need for cutting out shafts and rewelding them into position which can be a difficult and time consuming task.


SKF Bearings

All Flatout Land Rollers are fitted with quality SKF Bearings, these are a high quality single row grease-able ball bearing with a cast housing.


Frame Dampening System

All Flatout Land Rollers are fitted with a unique dampening system exclusive to Flatout. This system consist of four bushes (see photo). The inner of the bush is a crush tube and is connected to the roller, this is surrounded by dampening rubber which is encased by a steel outer. The steel outer is in contact with the frame of the roller. This serves to reduce vibration and shocks being transferred from the roller barrel to the frame in turn reducing frame fatigue and loosening of nuts and fittings on the machine.


Robust Frame

Frame sections of 200mm x 100mm are some of the largest in the industry and have proven durability.

Plate steel has been used to bolster the frames to ensure the longevity of the Roller.


Image: CAD Drawing for illustrative purposes only

Hydraulic Hoses & Fittings

All Flatout Land Rollers are assembled in Ballarat Victoria, as part of this we use Manuli Flexible Hose and Fittings. Manuli Hose and Fittings are used all over the world in particular are commonly found on John Deere, Volvo Trucks, DAF trucks & Komastu earthmoving equipment.

All fittings on the machine have been selected to suit the needs of the machine first and then the needs of the farmer.

We understand that fittings need to be readily available, that's why we limit the fittings on the machine to two sizes. ¾ JIC & ½' BSP(pictured below). These are crimped in house by our Technicians onto 2 wire 3/8' Manuli Flexible hose.


Hydraulic Cylinders Safety Valves

We have fitted all hydraulic cylinders with counterbalance valves. These are a safety feature. They are fitted in case of a hose failure the cylinder is locked in position.


Ground-following Triplex Design

The Flatout Tri-Plex series features a two-axis pivot knuckle. This knuckle allows the wings to follow the ground independently to the centre frame without compromising ground pressure or increasing stresses to the frames. This knuckle features a 70mm diameter. Grease tracks have been machined into the pin to ensure it can be fully greased and a replaceable brass bush surrounds the pin so that when it does wear it's a simple and cost effective job.


Two-axis pivot knuckle (CAD drawing for illustrative purposes only)


Pin features grease tracks (CAD drawing for illustrative purposes only)


Brass bush

Dual Rear Steering Wheels

The rear wheel assembly is fitted with Dual wheels and a steering cylinder, so that in the cab you can direct the wheels when folding and unfolding.

Flatout Tri-Plex Land Roller

Lockable Wing Frames

The wings are held in the working position by the locking frames. These are operated by a hydraulic cylinder. They have a safety lock located at the front of the centre frame.


Transport Position


Transport Position - Safety Lock Unlocked


Working Position


Working Position

Video - Land Roller in Action

Play Video

Video - Fold Out/Fold Up Procedure

Play Video

Floating Drawbar

Locked in transport position to put weight onto the drawbar of the tractor, but floating when rolling for even ground pressure over undulating ground.





Customer Delivery

All Flatout Land Rollers are assembled in Ballarat prior to delivery to the customer. This ensures that all hydraulic functions are working and free from leaks.

It is then disassembled into 4 major components, centre frame, left frame, right frame & drawbar.

All of this is then loaded onto a truck onto purpose built frames.

In most cases the customer is responsible for safely lifting the components off the truck and reassembling.

Reassembly consist of connecting the wings to the centre frame(2 pins) reconnecting the hydraulic hoses, fitting the drawbar(4 pins).

We have transported rollers to VIC, NSW, QLD & SA and are happy to organise freight for the customer.

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Spec SHeet


12.8 m (42 ft)

10,690 kg

1020mm (40”)


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User Manuals & Downloads

Download the latest operational manuals and documents for this machine.

Flatout Tri-Plex Manual


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