Rock it Out. Rake it Out.

Rid yourself of rocks and rough items in your pasture. Remove unwanted rocks, stones, tree roots, bricks, tiles, and plastic and make ready for easy collection and leave your soil better prepared for seed beds.



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Madara Agro Rock Picker

Rock Picker machines can go by a few names such as Stone Collectors or Soil-Cleaning machines, but they all do one thing: remove stones and other unevenness from the soil and improve your pasture. Madara Agro Rock Picking machines promote the cleaning of soil, thus increasing its homogeneity, mainly by stones and other unevenness caused by random pieces of bricks, tiles, tree roots, pieces of plastic, and the like.

Working Width: 1.52 m

Power Requirement: 70+ hp

$54,500 ex. GST
$59,950 inc. GST

$54,500 ex. GST
$59,950 inc. GST

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