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Oz Value Ag goes with Aluminium Fronts

Oz Value Ag has added a 15.24m front to its offering which includes a 12.2m option as well.

The fronts are Flexer XS models made in Brazil by GTS DO Brasil and feature aluminium structural components including the top and bottom main frame beams which run across the width of the front.

The fronts are a flexible draper design with 14 flex points across the 12.2m front and 16 across the 15.24m front. The fronts can also be locked into rigid mode and the draper belt is 1062mm wide.

Oz Value Ag said GTS manufactures hundreds of harvester fronts a year, including an 18m wide draper front, and while the company specialises in corn fronts, the aluminium draper fronts have recently been added to its capabilities.

The 12.2m wide front uses direct drive for the Schumacher (Schumacher EasyCut system) knives on the cutterbar and draper belts via PTO gearboxes.

The three-section reel is hydraulic drive, and the draper belts can be set to run at three speeds. Ben Derby from Oz Value Ag said the three-section reel also offers better visibility with less chance of blockages in front of the feeder house.

Flex capability is 200mm with each flex arm suspended by a coil spring over shock setup with automatic height control.

The fronts can be locked into rigid mode and there are potentiometers on each of the support arms across the width of the front to monitor load and help with height management.

The fronts will fit Case IH, John Deere and most AGCO harvesters and each can come with a custom-made comb trailer, manufactured in Australia to Australian standards.

Browse GTS Fronts on OzValue AG

Oz value ag goes with aluminium fronts - oz value ag has added a 15. 24m front to its offering which includes a 12. 2m option as well.

Source: Mark Saunders (Farming Ahead Nov 22)

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