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Unverferth Visit OZ Ag

June 2022

Recently we received a visit from Eric Myhre on behalf of our US Chaser Bin Supplier Unverferth Manufacturing Co, Inc.

Unverferth have been operating in America since the early 1950’s and have been producing Chaser Bins since the 1980’s. With an initial design that has been improved upon across the last 40 years.

Eric resides in North Dakota and is Unverferth’s Territory Manager for International Sales. Eric’s trip coincided with an earlier visit from our team to the States to tour all 3 Unverferth facilities in Ohio and Iowa.

While here Eric undertook a tour of Oz Value Ag’s current facility (Complete with flying the Stars & Stripes) and met the team. While also learning and discussing how current operations of Unverferth’s Chaser Bins are being produced here in Australia. He also had a chance to observe the location of Oz Ag future site in Ballarat’s new BWEZ area.

As part of Eric’s visit, he took some time to tour around and meet with Unverferth customers in the greater Ballarat area, including parts of the Western Victoria and Mallee regions. Customers relished the chance to talk more about the 1138 & 2070 products. They also talked other future items that may come to Australia, with plenty of robust discussion around Unverferth’s Zone Builder product.

Eric also took in a bit of Aussie culture where possible, with the team taking him to his first AFL game at the MCG. Which included treating him to an iconic meat pie with sauce (Or 2!), sources say he is a fan.

Oz Value Ag hopes this to be the first of many trips down under for Unverferth, and vice-versa for us to head back to the States, as both businesses continue grow operations here in Australia.

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